Call for Artists

BIST Brain Injury Awareness Event June 16th, 2011

Here’s your chance to show what survivors can do!  There are two ways to participate:

1.  Display your art at the Awareness Event

We’re looking for artists to display their work at Nathan Phillip Square on June 16th 2011 at lunchtime during the BIST Brain Injury Awareness Event. 

Who is eligible?    All artists who are able to bring and display their work.

 Do I have to be a survivor?  No, all artists are welcome.

What kind of art?  Any visual art that can be displayed in an open-air format (painting, sculpture, photography, etc.).  You will be responsible for the transport and display your work.

How do I enter?   Email BIST at or phone at 416-830-1485.

What is the cost?   FREE!  but you must follow some rules.  These will be explained when your reservation is confirmed. 

2. Enter Contest to be the “Featured Artist”

We’re looking for one piece of art that can be used to promote the event via email, flyers and posters.  The winning artist will be given a $100 honorarium, and of course recognition for their work.

Who is eligible?  Any brain injury survivor who is also a member of BIST (membership for survivors is $5/year).  See to sign up.

What kind of art?  The event will have a music and circus atmosphere.  Submissions should reflect this, and must be a positive representation of brain injury, or life with brain injury.

How do I enter?  Convert your art to an electronic format (pdf, jpg) and submit to: OR call BIST at 416-830-1485 to arrange to send it by mail.  Include your name and contact information as well as a brief description of who you are (250 words). Deadline for submissions is March 1, 2011.

 What happens next?  A jury of BIST members will select the winning entry. Only the winner will be contacted individually but the results will be posted on the BIST website at  The art and the description may be used to promote the June Brain Injury Awareness Event. 

 If a suitable piece of art cannot be found, an artist will be chosen to be “featured” at the event.

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