Elections Ontario’s Accessibility Action Plan

Did you know?

Before the 1840’s, the average elector would have to travel 50 miles to get to their poll, as there was only one poll allowed per county. It was then legislated that county boundaries would have to be designed such that no elector would have to travel more than one day to get to a poll. Accessibility is critical to ensuring that all voters are able to participate fully in the electoral process and exercise their democratic right to vote. Since the 2007 general election, Elections Ontario has made great progress in their understanding of and approach to accessibility. “Inclusiveness” has become part of Elections Ontario’s culture.To make sure that voters are fully aware of all the accessible services available to them, Elections Ontario has developed an Accessibility Action Plan. The plan outlines how Elections Ontario will work to remove barriers to voting. It describes new services, such as Special ballots, home visits, and assistive voting technologies.

In addition, the Plan will provide Ontarians with an understanding of Elections Ontario’s continuing commitment to accessibility through post-election evaluation and ongoing integration of accessibility into electoral policies and processes.

For more information visit www.elections.on.ca

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