The power of your mind

By Daniel Bax 

Daniel Bax
Daniel Bax

In 2005 I was in peak physical shape and had two flourishing companies. One day, I took a motorcycle for a test ride and rode face first into a catastrophic motorcycle accident that changed my life forever.  I escaped the grasp of death four times and had 35 surgeries worth $2.4 million, 34 of them done within the following 36 months after the accident.

When awoken from the coma, I was totally blind, deaf, muted and paralyzed on the left side of my body. This apparently not being enough, I also had wiped clean my memory. I couldn’t remember who I was, who my family was, or even how to scratch an itch on my face.  I was a newborn trapped in a 29 year-old man’s body.

On top of all that was happening, I had to relearn everything in life again. Learn how to brush my teeth, how to speak English, how to express appropriately, how to cross the street safely… basically, how to live without getting myself harmed or killed in the process. I had to learn quickly and humbly. This was when I had a choice to make: either mourn the loss of what I had or see what I could do with what I had left and approach life as a new bundle of possibilities.

I have made the choice to live fully with what I had remaining and chose to learn and grow into the man I always wanted to be — A man with integrity and a powerful voice to empower others to live a life of inspiration where they can take advantage of their own potential and create greater possibilities.

You may ask, “How can you just not feel sorry for yourself and not feel bad or miss all you lost?” And the answer is, “What I intend for this life, is what I choose to focus on.” This life is our choice: we can dwell in our losses, mourn and own the pain we may be experiencing, or we can choose to focus, enjoy and celebrate all the possibilities we have and the freedom to make choices.  It’s your choice.

I choose to view life as anew and see all the possibilities waiting for me. This is a new life and I can create it as I please. And the great news is that you can too! Believe in yourself and your possibilities.

To accomplish an attitude full of possibilities, the first step is to have a mindset that serves you.  When you implement this mindset into your life, things will star happening for you.  This is how you create a great mindset:

  • Be aware of where your thoughts are taking you.  What are you focusing on for the majority of your day?
    • Are your thoughts disempowering? Are you focusing on what you don’t have and what you think you will not get? Are your thoughts making you feel weak or sad? Or…
    • Are your thought empowering? Are you focusing on what you want and where you wish to be in life? Are your thoughts making you feel strong and creative?
  • It is your thoughts that induce the construction of your life. You are where you are because that is what you have paid attention to and think on.
    • Check-in with your thoughts constantly to make sure your attention is where it serves you.  It serves you when it empowers you to move forward and take action.
  • From this moment on, begin to envision what it is you desire on a regular basis.   Envision it even when it looks like all odds are against you and what you desire.
    • See it as you intend it and hold that thought/image of the outcome present in your mind. Your reality at this very moment is only a checkpoint on the way to the accomplishment of your intention. Have this become the thought that runs through your head regularly: “Your future is altered by your consistent thought.”

“If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning.” ~Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Give yourself some credit for what you have accomplished so far and celebrate every single goal you achieve.  Make sure to constantly nourish your mind, spirit, emotions and body with unconditional self-love.  You have a gift to the world that only you can give. This gift is your strength in life. Find it, love it and live it!

Always remember to…

“Live with Purpose, Give with Purpose.”

Daniel Bax is a BIST member, an inspirational speaker, breakthrough coach and, soon-to-be published, author of “The Life of Your Choice.” Learn more about Daniel at


4 thoughts on “The power of your mind

  1. Hello Daniel, I must say that you are one tough/inspirational guy. I have had a few difficulties over the years due to a car accident in 1997, I went many years with small troubles that I was able to learn how to live with but 5 years ago after much testing the doctors realized that I was having many seizures everyday which was the reason for my horrible memory. I have been off work for 5 years now. I have had a couple brain surgeries to try to stop the seizures. The seizures are not stopped but are controlled much better. I am a guy who loves life and will not let my troubles bring me down. Many people who know what I deal with (horrible memory, seizures, not being able to drive or work) always ask me why I am so happy and how I can stand living with the troubles that I have? I always reply with a big smile ” I have life and life is as good as a person wants it to be and I consider my life to be great and is gonna keep getting better”. I only think positive thoughts because those are the only thoughts that can help a person. I do lots of running and last summer when David McGuire (true inspiration) ran across Canada to raise money for Brain Trust Canada I ran the city of Brandon with him and raised some money for him. “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” I wish you all the best with your future! I am in Manitoba if you are ever needing a helping hand or talk! Sean Deleau! (It’s not about the years in your life that count but the life in your years so live and love your life)

    1. I must send you my apologies, Sean,
      I thought I replied to you a while back. I guess I did not follow through on my thoughts with action.
      I like your state of mind Sean, I mind of powerful thought focused on possibility can and will only serve you to a greater state in this life.
      Keep up with that strong, powerful frame of mind and it will guide you to overcome all, break barriers and set new higher standards for yourself and energies around you.
      I am proud of you Sean and all you have endured and looking at it through eyes of passion it will only serve you in all dimensions of your life.
      Keep this Passionate Purpose guiding you and you will achieve things that have you amazed at how possible you are.

      1. Thank you very much Daniel, Your words are quite powerful to a guy who is always looking and using positive thoughts for myself and to pass on to anyone who needs help or just a little extra encouragement with the life they are living. I am going to Winnipeg tomorrow for a stay at the Health Science Center for some video Telemetry due to seizure activity. I am not at all worried about it b/c I have had it done many times over the years. I am looking forward to this so the doctors can find some needed information for the seizure activity, my worsening memory and b/c I enjoy sharing a room with others who I can help out. I love being able to help others who are having troubles. I have been giving so much help over the years that I feel it is a must to help everyone around me with any troubles that they are dealing with. I hope your summer has been going good for you so far and hope your days ahead are even better. I am always here with many goals that I want to achieve. Live a happy/ healthy life, keep a positive attitude towards everything and everyone in life, help others who are in need of help and much more.
        I learned a few weeks ago that 1 of the best ways to build brain muscle is by doing
        push-ups. I am now doing between 100-120 push-ups a day. If it dose not build brain muscle it will build the muscle in my arms and shoulders. I better go pack my bags and pills for this next trip. Don’t forget about the guy in Manitoba who wants to help everyone
        who needs help.

  2. Hello Daniel, I hope your summer days are going great for you. I have returned from my little stay at the Health Science Center. It went good (just like everything else that I wish to be good)!! They did not learn much from the testing so I am just gonna carry on with the happy life that I have. When I was having pains while having the pains while having the testing I was getting a little frustrated I just said your name to myself and that lighten my mood. You are a true inspiration who have helped many people and will help many more people. Many people just do not believe in the old quote “where there is a will there is a way” When I read your story I think to my self that you have a huge “Will” because you have found many “Ways”.I wish you nothing but the best.
    Sean Deleau

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