Quick reminder – spread the #areyouaware word!


Have you seen this?










Or this?










Or have you figured out whether you’re a ‘Brainiac’ super hero on the Brain Super Hero quiz?


Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 6.54.41 PM

Now that we have your attention, are you curious what this is all about?

We’ve been spreading the brain injury awareness word this Brain Injury Awareness Month, with different #areyouaware Tweets and Facebook posts every day. There’s also an areyouaware.ca site!

What’s a ‘#’?

A ‘#’ is a hashtag. It’s a way to search for other Facebook or Twitter posts with the same hashtag. It’s also how online campaigns go viral, so we want as many #areyouaware hashtags out there as possible! (We’re also using #braininjury as opposed to ‘brain injury’ in our posts for the same reason.)

Ok. What can I do?

Check out BIST’s Facebook and Twitter feeds every day in June. Like our message? Re-tweet on Twitter! ‘Like’ and ‘share’ them on Facebook! ‘And, better yet:

Write your own #areyouaware messages!

If you’re on Facebook or Twitter, and want to spread some brain injury awareness, write your own #areyouaware posts, in your own words – such as:

  • No one can see my #braininjury, but I live with it everyday #areyouaware
  • My wife’s #braininjury has impacted our whole family #areyouaware
  • I’m not a #braininjury survivor. I’m a #braininjury thriver!

Mention us!

  • If you are writing your own messages, we’d love it if you mention us so we can see how you’re spreading the word – just add @braininjuryTO to your Tweet or write @Brain Injury Society of Toronto to mention us on Facebook!

June is Brain Injury Awareness Month

Spread the #areyouaware message!



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