Why I’m walking the BIST 5K: Vanessa Giles

Hello! My name is Vanessa Giles. I am 23-years-old and I signed up for the 5K walk with BIST so I could work towards some of my goals established with my physiotherapist.

BIST 5K participant and top fundraiser Vanessa Giles

A motor vehicle accident in May 2013 changed my life and gave me a whole set of new goals that I now have to achieve.  As a result, I unwillingly jumped onto the Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor bandwagon! I like to make a difference in peoples lives and why not make a difference in the lives of survivors like me? The concept of pay it forward allows someone to do something good for another person. Some survivors aren’t lucky enough to recover as well as I have so I’m walking for them! I am also fundraising for the whole brain injury community in Toronto so that they can all receive the services that they deserve!! I am wishing that because I can help them, they will be as positive and as grateful for their life as I am for mine! Once they reach the strength and recovery point that I am at, I hope that they will pay it forward and help the other survivors!

As of Sept. 5, Vanessa Giles is one of the BIST 5K’s top fundraisers!

You can find out more about Vanessa here