Community meeting round-Ups: AGM + use of activities of daily living to enhance memory and optimize reasoning

At our August community meeting, BIST board member Steve Gregory gave a presentation, Use of Activities of Daily Living to Enhance and Optimize Reasoning.

BIST board member Stephen Gregory
BIST board member Steve Gregory

Here are some of the highlights from Steve’s presentation, which come from his perspective and experiences as an ABI survivor:

  • Recovering from a brain injury requires three components: infracture, support and effort.
  • Using the task of making a meal as an example of an activity of daily living (ADL) requires infrastructure (the kitchen, stove, pots and pans), supplies (food, water) and effort (doing the cooking).
  • Before a brain injury, we took tasks such as putting on a pair of socks for granted. After an injury, the key to regaining these memories is to bring them back to the front of our minds. As Steve says, it’s all about GIGO (garbage in, garbage out!)
  • Steve says it’s important to focus on one goal at a time. For example, if tieing shoes is too much right now, focus on a task you can manage, and use velcro on your shoes until you’re ready to try again.
  • Steve says it’s important to focus on new goals. As a brain injury survivor, you may need to modify these goals.
  • Try not to waste energy trying to get back to the old you, that might not happen.

For more information on Steve’s presentation, go here 

AGM Update

photo credit: Wandering Toronto via photopin cc
photo credit: Wandering Toronto via photopin cc

On Monday, Sept. 22, BIST held our annual general meeting. Due to construction work at our regular venue at the Northern District Library, we had to re-locate the meeting to our new office at Deer Park Library – meaning several members got to check out our new digs!

At the meeting, we said goodbye to two board members, Tonya Flaming and Julie Osbelt, who both served on the BIST awareness committee for several years.

We thank Tonya and Julie for all their hard work – we will miss you on the board!

BIST welcomed the following two members to the board:

Susie Cooke  is a senior manager at Deloitte with over 9 years of experience in accounting. Susie’s work with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and United Way has led her to want to further expand her work in the community. She has direct experience supporting family members who have been effected by brain injury. In addition to this, Susie has very close links with some of the research that is being undertaken at the University of Toronto on the area of brain injury.

Jordan Assaraf is a lawyer at Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers. By being involved in contact sports his entire life, Jordan has seen how traumatic brain injuries can occur and affect not only those who have suffered the injury, but also those that are surrounded by the injury. This has led Jordan be the personal injury lawyer he is today, but has also led him to volunteer his time and raise awareness about brain injuries by joining BIST.

Next Meeting: Monday, Oct. 27, 6-8 p.m.

Northern District Library

40 Orchard View Blvd, 2nd Floor Meeting Room

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