HE DID IT!!!!!

David McGuire has completed his monumental marathon a day across Canada to raise awareness about brain injury.  He started his journey on April 1st in St. John’s, Newfoundland and finished on December 9th in Victoria, BC.  In his own words ” my mission was to yell as loud as I could all across Canada about Brain Injury. I did not want anyone to ever go through what me and my family went through.”

His total distance was 7873.11 kl (4904.79 mi).

When his route took him through Toronto in July, some BIST members were on hand to cheer him on and even run by his side.  He has been a true inspiration for all and BIST would like to congratulate and thank him for all his efforts in raising awareness about brain injury.





Read about his journey on his blog here:   http://r2rdavid.blogspot.com/



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