Monthly preview: BIST takes on winter

Canadian winters.

Love them or hate them, there is no denying that
winters and Canadians’ struggle against the extreme conditions that they bring are
part of what defines us. Look no further than a 2008 survey
commissioned by Citizenship and Immigration Canada and the Dominion
Institute. With icons such as the Maple Leaf, hockey and the Canadian flag topping the list of the 101 things that best define this country, those surveyed still had winter on their minds and ranked it 85th on the list.

Whatever your feelings toward our inevitable winters, we here at BIST intend
to help you to deal with it as we roll out our first monthly theme for the blog (a new year, a new direction, right?).

Melissa Myers’ report provides vital information for anyone participating in winter sports such as hockey, snowboarding or tobogganing, with a particular focus the appropriate helmets for different activities.

While the cold temperatures and snow make for fun on the slopes and pond, they also can create havoc on the roads. Check back here later this month for tips and advice on driving in winter conditions featuring an interview with ‘The Safe Driver’ himself, Scott Marshall, director of Training for Young Drivers of Canada.

Also this month, read the first of many stories written by a BIST member living
with the effects of an acquired brain injury.

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In the meantime, stay safe.

Matthew Chung. BIST member and Communications Committee volunteer.

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